All Broadland businesses have the opportunity to win an award as there are categories to suit everyone.

Best Hireboat Yard Large Fleet

Best Broadland Moorings

Best Broadland Shop

Best Hireboat Yard Small Fleet

Best Broadland Cafe

Best Pub Food

Most Improved Business

Best Boat & Angling Supplies

Best Broadland Takeaway

Most Child Friendly Pub

Best Music Venue

Best Broadland Pint

Most Dog Friendly Pub

Best Boat Services

In order to win an award you need to promote the idea to your customers. We can help with advertising and advice but ultimately its down to you to encourage your customers to nominate and vote for you.

Display your posters prominently around your premises and make sure you point them out to your customers.

If you are an eating or drinking establishment we suggest you place the flyers on your tables and when receiving positive comments, point out the leaflet and ask that they nominate you for a Broads Award”. We know of establishments who use this tactic to great success.

Hireboat yards, can place a flyer on every boat and when your holidaymakers return to the yard after a happy holiday, ask them to nominate or vote for you.

We suggest other services like shops, boat services and takeaways keep a good stock of flyers on their counters and when you know a customer is satisfied with what you have provided then ask them to show their appreciation with a nomination or vote.

It’s a good idea to point out to customers that it is FREE to nominate and vote for you. All they have to do is register on the Forum which takes a few seconds and then go to the Awards section and give you the recognition you deserve. Everyone who registers is entitled to 3 nominations and one vote in each category.

Nominations will run from around Easter to early September so you will have plenty of time and opportunity to gain support. You are entitled to nominate and vote yourself and invite family and friends to do the same .

Once nominations close, the three businesses with the most nominations will be put forward for voting. If you do receive a nomination, please let us know your preferred contact details so we can let you know if you reach the voting stages.

Download flyers and posters and print off as many as you like. The flyer is generic and can be used every year. The poster is updated and has key dates for nominations, voting and of course the Broads Awards ceremony where hopefully you will be collecting an award.