About NBO

It was Friday 13th, unlucky for us, that it seemed inevitable that we would need our own forum. Hank rescued a HP Evo from the scrapyard and put in a massive 40Gb hard drive. Necessary software was installed and voila! On Saturday 14th March 2009 Hank, TudorRose (Sue) and PeteMarr became the first members and the admin team of NBO.

Hank has stayed at the helm of technical and has faced his fair share of challenges, while Pete and Sue do the very occasionally needed moderating along with organising our various social events

NBO combines a website giving information about Broadland and a Forum for people interested in sharing their views.

Although NBO may not have a huge membership, our regulars contribute on a huge range of subjects and are always available to give advice or lend a helping hand when they can.

Newfy (Colin) joined us at the start and became our site caretaker, keeping his eye on things while we were out and about on the water.

Norfolk Nog (Howard) also joined us at the start and became our Pub Landlord with the mammoth task of Providing information on all our Broadland pubs. Unfortunately most of this information was lost when the site suffered a severe hacking episode but we are hoping the information will be restored at some point. The Tap Room section lists all Broadland pubs and publicans are welcome to update their details and keep members informed of upcoming events, menus etc.

Our social get togethers include an annual cheese and wine party, a Halloween Spooktacular, many social get togethers and BBQs on Admin Island and not forgetting the famous Dwile Flonking World Championships.

Recently we took out a film crew with Director Tim Plester to shoot the final footage of a movie which is being made with an unusual twist on the broads. Watch this space for us treading the Red Carpet at Cannes .